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Drain extension to outside of frame S30P600NTS
Turbo Mist



Photo above shows the actual part that is attached to the frame and the drain extends below the 5" frame rail of the 250 series units and this part is attached to the acutal sump under the centre of the sprayer by a hose. The hose is placed directly behind the protective cross support member to avoid catching on something on the ground,

On the 350 series the pipe is actually extended thru the 8 1/2" frame rather than below it.

This option is like air condition in a vehicle, once you have it, you will never do without again, tired of leaning over under the tank to reach the drain plug? then getting rewarded with a wet knee that smells bad the rest of the day!

This option extendes the drain out to the side of the frame where you can easily reach it without kneeling down, thus you save your back and avoid getting soaked, all for a one time purchase of under $100 , a must have if you think about it.